Steve Jaspan’s Hockey Viewpoint

This month I thought we’d compile a hockey wish list. This is based not only on my thoughts but also on many comments I have received from hockey lovers and other sports enthusiasts. Here is the wish list:

1. Hockey Competitions are well presented, top quality and exciting.

2. Hockey has its own page on supersport’s website.

3. Hockey has a minimum of 30 hours new coverage on various SA Television channels (in addition to repeats of some programmes).

4. Hockey appears on the main sports page of newspapers (not inside pages) for the right reasons.

5. Hockey activities throughout South Africa are communicated better.

6. A cohesive, coherent, comprehensive national coaching programme, integrated with a development programme from junior to seniors, including academies approved by the South African Hockey Association, is implemented.

7. The South African National teams are properly supported financially and in other ways by Government and Macro sporting bodies.

8. The SA National Teams re-enter the World’s Top 10.

9. Clubs are reinvigorated and strengthened with artificial surfaces at these clubs or shared between a reasonable number of clubs.

10. The massive loss of players after school is substantially reduced by special programmes including bursaries or assistance at tertiary institutions.

11. That a combination of government tax incentives and other initiatives results in significantly enhanced sponsorship for SA Hockey.

12. SA Hockey administration becomes properly resourced to employ more qualified full-time personnel. This includes full time Coaching and High Performance Directors.

I’d love to hear your comments on this and suggestions to ensure hockey becomes one of South Africa’s big five sports!

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