One two hockey viewpoint

The world of sport is the source of so many fascinating stories. Sometimes it is even a rich source of material for cartoonists and satirists. Nor is it wise to be cocky and arrogant because the wheel turns and (to mix metaphors) people often fall off their pedestals.

I so hope the Proteas keep their feet on the ground and methodically go about their work in the home series against the Aussies. It is amazing how quiet the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Sport has become after the Proteas sensational cricket tour of Australia.

All round us there are glittering success stories in South African sport – JP Duminy’s magnificent feats in Australia, James Kamte’s win in his maiden golf tournament in Asia, Benni McCarthy back to his best for Blackburn Rovers, Geniel De Villiers’ great Dakar Rally win and on it goes ……

But this is the Max Factoring, the cosmetic cover, for the sad plight and state of the majority of our Olympic Sports, and sports that desperately need Government funding (really it’s the tax payers money!) and wise guidance. However, is wise guidance from Government not an oxymoron or contradiction in terms?

George Orwell wrote the classic “Animal Farm” in 1945 and it is amazing how fast our new leaders have assumed the same behaviour of the regimes they previously criticised so severely (but often justifiably).

Orwell wrote another classic “1984” in 1949 and it was way before its time.

In this groundbreaking work the Department of Information is actually the Propaganda Department and he coined the phrase “double speak”. In the book “Big Brother” (state organs) were always watching you.

Hockey along with so many other Olympic Sports in South Africa finds itself with minimal resources. Plenty of “Big Brother” and “double speak” from various sources but tragically the required support is not forthcoming.

South African Hockey has two full-time employees, whilst New Zealand hockey with less than 10% of our population has 14! Comparing budgets of the great hockey nations with ours is scary. We are definitely amongst the have nots!

South Africa is experiencing a crisis of leadership at macro level both politically, and in other spheres but especially in sports umbrella bodies and departments. There are a few or no charismatic leaders and sadly no Obama factor to lead us into a new era for our Olympic sports.

The Olympics is only three years away and there is no mission statement or business plan to ensure we win more than 1 silver medal in London, or if there is it is one of South Africa’s best kept secrets.

At the same times do all our Olympic Sports Codes have their own mission statements and business plans?

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