Soccer can learn from hockey

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Hockey has the best card system in the world of sport. The option of the green-yellow-red 3 card system provides the umpires with the tools to administer the appropriate penalty or reprimand at any stage of the match. (more…)

Decision making is key and can be coached

I’ve watched an enormous amount of sport in my time but something that always makes me sit open mouthed is individual decision-making on the field, often in the heat of the moment and I have seen some howlers. (more…)

Sports administrators are people too

Sports administrators generally do not receive much praise from players, officials and spectators. In fact, the sporting public and media often ridicule or make fun of administrators criticizing them of sitting in “ivory towers” and not being in touch with the realities of their sport. (more…)

Is hockey dying or just badly injured

Elements of the continuum include:
Quality coaching in formative years and pre-school hockey
Challenging school and youth hockey competitions with suitable coaching
Strong clubs who assist youth and create a platform for the launching of national and international careers in an environment of camaraderie and team building
A place for social and recreational hockey with a less competitive edge including masters/veterans hockey. (more…)

One two hockey viewpoint

The world of sport is the source of so many fascinating stories. Sometimes it is even a rich source of material for cartoonists and satirists. Nor is it wise to be cocky and arrogant because the wheel turns and (to mix metaphors) people often fall off their pedestals. (more…)

Does High Performance coaching have a role

Since being asked to Chair the FIH’s new High Performance Committee I have had to answer some important questions. Firstly, why the need for this Committee and isn’t High Performance really just Coaching dressed up in other kit? (more…)

Steve Jaspan’s Hockey Viewpoint

This month I thought we’d compile a hockey wish list. This is based not only on my thoughts but also on many comments I have received from hockey lovers and other sports enthusiasts. Here is the wish list: (more…)

One Two Hockey Viewpoint February 2009


This is not a philosophical discussion about the state of the World – it’s about sport and hockey in particular! The vexing question of rich nations and poor nations and the continuum that ties them has occupied the minds of many of the world’s great economists probably from Adam Smith to Milton Friedman. (more…)

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